"As Krasava, Eve Daniell gave a magnetic assumption of one whose feminine guile provokes the initial crisis yet also eventually aids reconciliation through her strength of character." - Arcana

"the clear and vital singing of [Libuše] by the soprano Kirstin Sharpin ... contrasted perfectly with the strongly flavoured soprano of Eve Daniell as the morally challenged Krasava." - Opera Magazine

"Tensions are expressed in stillness rather than movement, save for the splendid hair-tossing of Eve Daniell's Krasava, the only character with moral ambiguity, a sex drive, and a best friend - Ananya Samuel's touching Radmilla." - The Times

"Eve Daniell as a strong Krasava ... [was] excellent, showing great forbearance in dealing with the emotional fury exhibited by the incisively sung Chrudoš of James Quilligan." - Marc Ronan

Photo by Ricki-Lee Allison